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Dr. Dill, Forest Hills Assistant Superintendent


Dr. Rob Dill





Dear Forest Hills Rangers Community,


I am honored to be a proud member of the Forest Hills Ranger family. For nearly twenty-six years, I have had the privilege of serving within the Forest Hills School District. Throughout this time, it has been a source of immense pride to collaborate with exceptional colleagues, engage with extraordinary students, and immerse myself in the vibrant Forest Hills community.


Forest Hills, known for its iconic green-and-gold spirit, exemplifies unity and commitment towards a shared objective: to ensure that every student, whether within the classroom, on a performance stage, or competing in a sports arena, realizes their utmost potential. Our collective dedication to fostering a Tradition of Excellence defines the essence of Forest Hills, and it is my privilege to be a part of this remarkable journey.


As we move forward, I am delighted to report that the district continues to witness significant growth and achievement among our students. Moreover, Forest Hills is placing a strong emphasis on preparing our students for their future endeavors, whether in their careers or on their path to higher education. Our commitment to career and college readiness underscores our determination to provide the best possible opportunities for each and every one of our students.


The mighty RANGERS of Forest Hills stand as a symbol of our community's strength and resilience, and I am excited to contribute to our ongoing success. Together, we will continue to build upon the foundation of excellence that defines our district.


I look forward to another incredible year of collaboration, growth, and achievement with all of you. Let us work hand in hand to empower our students and uphold the proud legacy of Forest Hills.


With warm regards,


Dr. Rob Dill

Assistant Superintendent