Forest Hills School District

Board Basics

Highlights of the July 7, 2014 Board Meeting




Approved the agreement with In-Shore Technologies to provide part-time technology assistance for the 2014-2015 school year

Approved the Eckles agreement associated with phasing and excavation of site

Approved the formation of a Human Relations Committee for the purpose of interviewing/hiring the School District Solicitor

Approved the agreements with the Learning Lamp – ESL position – Elementary students and the memorandum of understanding with Forest Hills Education Association for ESL extension

Approved the Learning Lamp proposal for the Elementary Behavioral Support Classroom seat

Approved the Paraprofessional position – special education placement and the memorandum of understanding with Forest Hills Education Support Professionals for extension of Westmont student placement

Approved the revised 2014-2015 insurance coverage

Approved the vocational application process and the required parental/student application documents

Approved Policy Revisions – 2nd Reading:

    1. 102:  Programs – Academic Standards
    2. 105:  Programs - Curriculum 
    3. 105.1:  Programs – Review of Instructional Materials by Parents/Guardians and Students
    4. 106:  Programs – Guides for Planned Instruction
    5. 107:  Programs – Adoption of Planned Instruction
    6. 108:  Programs  – Adoption of Textbooks
    7. 109:  Programs – Resource Materials
    8. 119:  Programs – Current Events
    9. 124:  Programs – Alternative Instruction Courses
    10. 140:  Programs – Charter Schools
    11. 203.1:  Pupils – HIV Infection
    12. 235:  Pupils – Student Rights and Responsibilities
    13. 235.1:  Pupils – Surveys
    14. 804:  Operations – School Day
    15. 916:  Community – School Volunteers (modifications)
    16. 707:  Use of School Facilities and 707.1:  Attachment (modifications)

Approved Policy Revisions – 1st Reading:

a.       204:  Attendance

Approved the request from Jennifer Motter to perform her Principal Internship under Edward Alexander and Lucas Jacobs during the 2014/2015 school year


Accepted the resignation of Field House Monitor Nick Hinderliter effective September 1, 2014

Accepted the resignation of Middle School Forensics Advisor Alexis Miller effective June 25, 2014

Accepted the resignation Paraprofessional Melissa Long effective June 30, 2014

Accepted the resignation Varsity Girls’ Head Softball Coach Andrew Pcola effective July 2, 2014

Approved re-advertising the Co-Ed Varsity Golf position


All requests for conferences, field trips and use of school facilities

presented to the Board were approved.