Regular School Board Meeting


Board Basics


Highlights of the May 14, 2014 Board Meeting







Denied cheerleading PIAA recognition for Varsity Cheerleading.



Denied cheerleading request to allow 6th graders to participate on a middle school team.



Approved the expulsion of a middle school student as recommended by the administration – 11756.



Approved the expulsion of a middle school student as recommended by the administration – 11980.



Approved the expulsion of an elementary school student as recommended by the administration – 10864.



Approved PSI proposal/costs associated with the Adams Township site.



Approved Learning Lamp Alternative School agreement for the 2014-2015 school year.



Approved the discontinuation of the Cambria County Child Development Agency Latch Key at the Elementary School.



Approved Learning Lamp proposal for a before/after school program at the elementary school.



Denied addition to the bus driver list.



Approved HF Lenz request for payment (High School gas line).



Recommended authorizing Attorney Hoffman to negotiate with Eckles Architectural Firm to rectify Eckles/Forest Hills School District dispute.



Approved AIA contract with PJ Dick pending recommendations from Attorney Hoffman.



Approved the retention of the current Board Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer for the 2014-2015 school year.



Approved adopting and advertising proposed final 2014-2015 general fund budget.



Approved resolution for 2014-2015 Homestead/Farmstead tax relief.



Approved Non-elected tax collector.



Approved Depository listing:



1.       1st Summit Bank



    1. Ameriserv Financial


    2. First Commonwealth Bank


    3. S & T Bank


    4. First National Bank


    5. PSDLAF


    6. PLGIT


Approved summer office hours from June 9, 2014 through August 12, 2014 (8:00 AM – 3:00 PM).



Approved payment of summer salaries for professional employees who requested such payment.



Approved School dentist for 2014-2015 – currently Dr. Paul Petrunak.



Approved School physician for 2014-2015 – currently Dr. J. Eric Wieczorek.



Approved Cafeteria milk/bread contracts for 2014-2015.



Approved Health eTools for Schools annual upload and maintenance fee – school nurses.



Approved the modifications of Board policies:



    1. #121:  Programs – Field Trip


2.       #210:  Pupils – Medications



3.       Attachment #21- - Medications



Recommended the solicitor to draft a response to the inquiry from Forest Hills Regional Alliance.



Approved Aevidum Group request from High School teachers Mrs. Williamson and Mr. Saksa.



Approved the student teaching agreement with Mount Aloysius College.



Approved the Elementary Library Summer Reading Counts program.



Approved the bid results 2014-2015 Art Supplies and Office/Classroom Supplies.



Approved High School gas line conversion bids.



Approved the Beaverdale & South Fork Public Library request for donation.



Approved the Salix Headstart building upgrades and 5 year multi-year lease pending lease language recommended by the solicitor.



Approved Special Budget Requests for 2014-2015 school year.



Approved proposed 2014-2015 extra-curricular/athletic budget



1.       Athletic program concerns for 2014-2015



2.       2014-2015 athletic budget



3.       Revenue and expenditures by sport



4.       2014-2015 athletic costs/extra-curricular costs



Approved additional budgets for 2014-2015



1.       Federal programs/grants



2.       Food service



3.       Capital reserve



Approved 2013-2014 Budget



1. General Fund Estimate



2. Fund Balance History



Approved 2014-2015 Preliminary General Fund Budget and revisions to preliminary budget.



Approved 2014-2015 Lunch Prices­ - increasing paid student breakfast and lunch prices by 10¢ each, increasing the adult lunch price by 10¢, and increasing ala carte prices by 5%.



Approved Salaries/Wages/Benefits for 2014-2015:



1.    Business Manager



2.    Maintenance supervisor  



3.    Assistant maintenance supervisor



4.    Technology Coordinator



5.    Technology support technician



6.    Athletic Director/Transportation Coordinator



7.    Head cooks






                                                                               ii.Middle school



                                                                              iii.High school



Approved Professional Staffing



1.       Elementary –



                                                                           i.      AmeriCorps workers (3 workers)



2.       Middle School



3.       High School



                                                                                 i.Elimination of social studies position



4.       Special Education 



Approved the Dropout Prevention Coordinator position for 2014/2015 school year.



Approved Elementary Summer of 2014 - Pre-K Home Visits and Library Aide – 100 hours.



Approved Middle School Summer of 2014 - Library Aide – 100 hours.



Approved High School Summer of 2014 - Library Aide – 200 hours.







Approved Teacher Cindy Shilcosky – FMLA – Tentatively from the beginning of the 2014/2015 school year through mid-September 2014.



Approved Custodian David Wisor – 1 day unpaid leave –– Friday April 22, 2014 – FMLA.



Approved Custodian Donna Holdsworth – 2 days unpaid leave – April 10 and 11, 2014.



Approved Middle School Cafeteria employee Roxann Lesko – FMLA – beginning May 15, 2014.



Approved Middle School Cafeteria employee Cynthia Vizzini – 4 days unpaid leave – April 1, 11, 24, and 25, 2014.



Approved High School Cafeteria employee Violet Noon – 3 days unpaid leave – April 2, 29 and 30, 2014.



Approved High School Cafeteria employee Jackie Flick – 2 days unpaid leave – April 2 and 23, 2014.



Approved High School Cafeteria employee Cindy Davis – 1 day unpaid leave – April 17, 2014.



Approved Elementary School Cafeteria employee Paula Weaver – 1 day unpaid leave – April 29, 2014.



Approved Paraprofessional Kathleen Bodenschatz – 4 days unpaid leave – April 29 – May 2, 2014.



Approved Paraprofessional Tracy Green – 2 days unpaid leave – April 8, 2014 and April 23, 2014.



Approved summer custodial help:



1.       Douglas Harshberger



2.       Todd Harteis



3.       Katelyn Marsh



4.       Shawn Fessler



5.       Collin Smay



6.       Alexis Swanson



Accepted the resignation of Co-Ed Golf Coach – Douglas Williams.




All requests for conferences, field trips and use of school facilities



presented to the Board were approved.