Highlights of the December 4, 2013 Board meeting



Approved assignment of Kindertran, Inc. bus contract to McIlwain Bus Company effective January 1, 2014.

Approved the Audit Report for 2012-2013 (audit exit meeting held November 19, 2013).

Approved the recommendation of McCrory & McCrory as school district auditors for all audits for 2013-2014.


Approved the Special Education Practicum/Internship for teacher Mr. Troy Eppley under Claudia Mehall.


Approved the ESL Practicum request from teacher Mrs. Julianne Kopach under Kathy Foor.


Approved the request from HF Lenz to approve PENNDOT Permit Letter of Credit.


Approved the request from Eckles Architecture & Engineering to advertise the Forest Hills Jr/Sr High School Additions and Alterations project for bidding.

Approved the approval of PlanCon Part F – Construction Documents for submission to the Department of Education including the board resolution as stipulated on page F20:

Board Resolution

To the best of its knowledge and ability, the board of school directors certifies to the following:

1.       The board will not enter into construction contracts until it has received written approval for PlanCon F, Construction Documents, from the Department of Education.

2.       The board of school directors has obtained, or will obtain, all necessary approvals from local, regional, and state agencies relating to health, safety, design, planning highway access, and freedom flooding and subsidence, prior to entering into construction contracts.

3.       The board acknowledges that failure to obtain the requisite approvals prior to entering into construction contracts may be sufficient cause for the Department of Education to revoke its approval for this project. If approval is revoked, the project will not be reimbursed by the Commonwealth.


Denied a request from an Elementary parent for transportation for children that live outside the District.


Approved a leave requested by elementary teacher Mrs. Jennifer Raptosh under the terms of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Approved a leave requested by teacher Mrs. Jamie McCloskey under the terms of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Approved a sabbatical leave requested by teacher Mrs. Valerie Pringle during the 2nd semester of the 2013/2014 school year.

Approved appointing volunteer Jr. High wrestling coaches Mr. Russell Daubert and Mr. Adam Bourdess.

Approved the request from SEIU to begin formal contract negotiations.

Accepted the resignation of Girls’ Track Assistant Coach Mr. Troy Eppley.


All requests for conferences, field trips and use of school facilities

presented to the Board were approved.