Highlights of the December 4, 2013

 Reorganization Meeting



Mrs. Tracy Helsel was appointed temporary presiding officer.

The oath of office was administered to the following School Directors:

1.      Mr. Fred Russell

2.      Mrs. Deborah Petrunak

3.      Mr. Robert MacTavish

4.      Mr. Galen George

Mr. Fred Russell was reappointed Board President, Mrs. Tracy Helsel 1st Vice-President, and Mrs. Deborah Petrunak 2nd Vice-President.

The Board reappointed Attorney Gilbert Caroff as District Solicitor for his 54th year.

Mrs. Tracy Helsel was re-appointed as PSBA Liaison.

Mrs. Tracy Helsel, Mr. John Bopp, Dr. Tim Ondrejik, and Mr. Galen George were appointed to the GJCTC Joint Operating Committee.

The Board reviewed Board Committee assignments.