Board Reorganization, Combination Committee Meeting, Regular Board Meeting


Reorganization Meeting

Mr. Fred Russell was reappointed Board President, Mrs. Tracy Helsel 1st Vice-President, and Mrs. Deborah 2nd Vice-President.

The date, time, and place for 2013 Board meetings were set. Board Committee of the Whole will meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the District Office Board Room, Sidman PA 15955 followed immediately by the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.

The Board reappointed Attorney Gilbert Caroff as District Solicitor for his 53rd year.

Mrs. Tracy Helsel was re-appointed as PSBA Liaison.

Mrs. Tracy Helsel, Mr. John Bopp, Mr. Robert MacTavish, Dr. Tim Ondrejik, and Mr. Galen George were appointed to the GJCTC Joint Operating Committee.

Highlights of the December 5, 2012 Board meeting

Approved a revision to the District’s “Use of School Facilities” form requiring all adults participating in any event involving school-aged children to submit a PDE-6004 ARREST/CONVICTION REPORT AND CERTIFICATION FORM (under Act 24 of 2011 and Act 82 of 2012)

Approved a request by Athletic Director to sell old golf bags to senior members of the golf team

Accepted the 2011-2012 Audit Report as submitted by McCrory and McCrory

Appointed McCrory & McCrory as school district auditors for all audits for 2012-2013

Authorized the District to request an Interim Real Estate Tax Assessment for 2013 from the Cambria County Assessment Office

Approved the use of refunded Security Benefit Flexible Spending Accounts monies for health programs.

Approved a request from high school administration to form a HS reading competition team and advertise for an advisor. 

Approved leaves requested by teacher Mr. George Wozniak (military) and paraprofessionals Ms. Wendy Shaw (2 days unpaid) and Christina Adams (various dates unpaid as per request.

Appointed volunteer coaches: Rifle Team – Mr. Scott Borelle and Softball – Mrs. Krista Hershberger

Approved a Memorandum of Understanding between FHSD and FHEA establishing a “sick day pool” for an individual FHEA member.


All requests for conferences, field trips and use of school facilities presented to the Board were approved.