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     @ Central Cambria

    VARSITY/JV Girls Volleyball
    CCMS Gymnasium, 6pm

    @ Penn Cambria

    VARSITY Girls Soccer
    PCHS Stadium, 4pm

    vs. Richland

    VARSITY Girls Tennis
    FH Tennis Courts, 3pm

    vs. Bishop Carroll

    JUNIOR HIGH Football
    FH Track Field, 4pm




    Wednesday (9/20)

    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Cambria Heights (W, 6-2)
    VARSITY Girls Cross Country @ Westmont
    vs. Westmont (W, 18-43)
    vs. Bishop McCort (W, 20-33)
    vs. Central Cambria (L, 34-23)
    VARSITY Boys Cross Country @ Westmont
    vs. Westmont (W, 27-28)
    vs. Bishop McCort (W, 18-45)
    vs. Central Cambria (L, 39-22)
    VARSITY Girls Golf @ Westmont (L, 474-336)
    VARSITY Boys Golf @ Westmont (L, 596-422)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Shanksville (L, 2-5)
    7th GRADE Football vs. Somerset (L, 0-32)


    Tuesday (9/19)

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Bishop Carroll (L, 1-3)
    JV vs. BC (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Cambria Heights (L, 2-3)
    JUNIOR HIGH Girls Soccer @ Rockwood (L, 0-6)


    Monday (9/18)

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Richland (W, 3-1)
    JV @ Richland (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Central Cambria (W, 3-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Central Cambria (L, 1-7)
    VARSITY Golf @ Operatio Our Town
    Girls Team - CHAMPIONS
    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Johnstown (L, 0-5)
    JUNIOR VARSITY Football @ Bishop Carroll


    Saturday (9/16)

    VARSITY Cross Country @ Ben Bloser Invitational
    Girls Team - 5th Place
    TOP 25 Finishers: Emily Montag (6th), Kelsy Valko (11th), Lacey Greathouse (25th)
    Boys Team - 14th Place
    TOP 25 Finisher: Mitch Chunta (4th)


    Friday (9/15)

    VARSITY Football vs. Bishop Carroll (W, 41-6)


    Thursday (9/14)

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Somerset (W, 3-0)
    JV vs. Somerset (W, 2-1)
    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Bishop Carroll (W, 7-4)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Bishop Carroll (L, 1-5)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Central Cambria (L, 1-4)
    JUNIOR HIGH Football vs. Johnstown (W, 36-6)
    JUNIOR HIGH Girls Soccer vs. Somerset (L, 1-7)


    Wednesday (9/13)

    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Bishop McCort (L, 1-5)
    VARSITY Girls Cross Country vs. Bishop Guilfoyle (W, 15-50)
    VARSITY Boys Cross Country vs. Bishop Guilfoyle (W, 21-40)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Bedford (L, 1-4)
    JUNIOR HIGH Girls Soccer @ Cambria Heights (L, 0-1)
    7th GRADE Football @ Johnstown (L, 14-20)


    Tuesday (9/12)

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Bedford (W, 3-1)
    JV @ Bedford (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Bishop McCort (L, 0-7)


    Monday (9/11)

    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Bedford (L, 1-12)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Bedford (L, 1-9)
    VARSITY Golf @ Bedford Elks
    vs. Bedford (L, 519-437)
    vs. Bishop McCort (L, 519-433)
    vs. Penn Cambria (L, 519-455)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Bishop Guilfoyle (L, 1-4)
    JUNIOR VARSITY Football @ Johnstown (L, 0-36)
    JUNIOR HIGH Girls Soccer @ Conemaugh Township (L, 0-3)


    Saturday (9/9)

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ SFU Tournament
    1st Place in Pool, advanced to Quarterfinals
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ North Star (L, 0-5)


    Friday (9/8)

    VARSITY Football vs. Johnstown (W, 29-28)


    Thursday (9/7)

    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Westmont (L, 1-4)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Westmont (L, 0-7)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Somerset (L, 0-5)
    JUNIOR HIGH Football @ Somerset (W, 43-8)


    Wednesday (9/6)

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Bishop McCort (L, 1-3)
    JV vs. McCort (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Somerset (L, 3-6)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Somerset (L, 0-8)
    VARSITY Girls Cross Country vs. Purchase Line (W, 20-40)
    VARSITY Boys Cross Country
    vs. Richland (W, 15-43)
    vs. Purchase Line (W, 23-33)
    VARSITY Golf
    vs. Bishop Carroll (W, 502-530)
    vs. Bishop Guilfoyle (W, 502-530)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Westmont (L, 0-5)
    JUNIOR HIGH Girls Soccer vs. Conemaugh Township (L, 0-6)
    7th GRADE Football @ Central Cambria (W, 32-0)



    Tuesday (9/5)

    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Somerset
    Postponed to 9/6 @ Somerset
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Bishop McCort
    Postponed to 9/25, Double-Header @ FH
    JUNIOR VARSITY Football vs. Somerset
    JUNIOR HIGH Girls Soccer vs. Conemaugh Township
    Postponed to 9/6


    Saturday (9/2)

    VARSITY Cross Country @ Big Valley Invitational
    Girls Team - 4th Place
    TOP 10 Finishers: Emily Montag (8th), Kelsy Valko (9th)
    Boys Team - 10th Place
    TOP 10 Finisher: Mitch Chunta (9th)



    Friday (9/1)

    VARSITY Football @ Somerset (W, 20-7)

    Thursday (8/31)

    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Richland
    Postponed to 9/21


    Wednesday (8/30)

    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Windber (L, 0-5)


    Tuesday (8/29)

    VARSITY Golf @ Ebensburg Country Club
    vs. Central Cambria (L, 519-468)
    vs. Somerset (L, 519-461)


    Monday (8/28)

    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Johnstown (L, 0-5)
    JUNIOR VARSITY Football vs. Westmont (L, 14-18)



    Friday (8/25)

    VARSITY Football vs. Westmont (W, 36-0)



    Thursday (8/24)

    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Central Cambria (L, 0-5)



    Wednesday (8/23)

    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Bedford (L, 0-5)
    VARSITY Golf vs. Richland (L, 526-502)



    Monday (8/21)

    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Bishop Guilfoyle (L, 2-3)










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    Sports schedules and Physical forms are available for download on our website and also in the Junior High & Senior High Offices.