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    Name:  Noelle C. Miller
    Grade/Subject:  Librarian  /   Pre K - 6th Grade
    Phone/Ext:  (814) 487-7613  ext. 2750
    Welcome to Forest Hills Elementary Library!!!!!
    I would like to personally welcome all Forest Hills Elementary students, parents, faculty and staff to our library.  Our library is a very busy place.  Students are checking out books, checking them in, taking Reading Counts quizzes, and attending library class once a week.  The library is a valuable resource for our school and community.  Mrs. Kuhn and Mrs. Zimmerman, are the library para professionals.  They assists the students, decorate the library, help students take RC tests, help with classes, and check out students books.  They are truely an asset to the library and help the daily procedures run smoothly.  All of us together are here to help the students learn all they can about the library, and enjoy reading books.
    “Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can”
    Quote By:  William Feather