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    Mrs. Hupkovich  
    Mrs. Dianna Hupkovich
    Title I Reading
    (814) 487-7613 ext. 2623
       Hello and welcome to my classroom.  I'd like to introduce myself and describe my classroom.  I've been working at Forest Hills as a Reading Specialist for 18 exciting years. I truly enjoy working with students who need extra help with reading skills.  This year I'm working with students in grades K-4th.  Students see me daily for 30 minutes and work in small groups ranging from 3-4 students.  During this time, students complete activities specifically chosen to strengthen their area of need in reading.  We rarely do worksheets and I strive to plan activities that are engaging and fun.  Students might work with a partner, a small group, or on their own.  All activities are completed with my guidance so every student is challenged just a bit.  I believe this is when students learn best...with "just right" instruction...not too easy and not too hard.

       In my experience, students who struggle lose confidence and the feeling of being successful.  I constantly remind my students that they will improve and with a little help, become more successful than they ever imagine.  It’s always priceless when I get to show a student that “they did it!”