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    Jill Gulnac
     6th Grade and Kindergarten Learning Support 
    814-487-7613 ext #2738
    Greetings from Mrs. Gulnac, Learning Support Teacher at Forest Hills Elementary School. 
    Since 1993 I have been teaching children in the Learning Support program here at Forest Hills.  I also taught in  the DuBois Area School District for 3 years.
    The purpose of the Learning Support Program is to offer individual help in areas where students need assistance in order to access the regular curriculum.  Sometimes this is merely some extra drill and practice in a particular subject and sometimes it means alternative curriculum resources to meet individual needs.
    Yearly IEP (Individualized Education Plan) Conferences with parents and teachers keep track of progress made on specific goals in the past year, what interventions work to help the student and what goals the student will work towards in the next year.
    My role as the Learning Support Teacher is to monitor the students' progress on goals in the current IEP, provide interventions to help the students make adequate progress and communicate these interventions with the regular education teachers and parents.
    I am delighted with the new trend for a co-teaching model.  This model allows Learning Support students time in the regular classroom to glean information just as the general education students do  as well as get the benefits of practice time and extra help at their level as needed from the Learning Support Teacher. 
    I encourage parents to contact me when they have a question or concern.  There are several ways to contact me: 
    •  Write a note in your child's Homework Planner
    •   Telephone me 
    •   E-mail me                ( See contact information above)
      My cousin was a Down's Syndrome child and when my aunt passed away we found this quote written in her Bible.  
      "Not all the flowers grow straight and tall; never-the-less they are still flowers."
      My aunt and cousin inspired both my sister and I to go into Special Education to help any 'flower' who needed to know they were still beautiful.