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    Instructor:   Mr. D. Satka, M.S. 
                         Instructional II Certification 
                         Social Studies
    Grade/Subject:  8/9 U.S. History
    Phone/Ext:    (814) 487-7613     EXT 6206

    Email:   DSatka@fhrangers.org

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    My freshman history class is intended to provide an overview for students to understand and appreciate the turning points and major events that shaped modern America.  It is my hope that students gain a sense of duty, honor and country as they learn about the sacrifices made by prior generations of Americans.  Emphasis will be made on interesting and highly influential people from 1860 to 1945.  I endeavor to make important historical events personal or more human to my students by telling many interesting short stories.   8th Grade history has the same focus but from 1750 to 1860.

    “The only way to teach history and bring people into the magic of transforming yourself to other times is through the vehicle of a story.  History is about people” 
    - David McCullough