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    Laura Yevchak
    Language Arts 10, Honors Language Arts 10, Language Arts 11
    814-487-7613 ex.4204
    Welcome to Ms. Yevchak's Homepage!
    I am pleased  to be teaching Language Arts 10, Honors Language Arts 10, and Language Arts 11 at Forest Hills High School. These classes focus on the development  of  important communication and reading skills, as well as the acquisition of the appreciation for the literary arts and the human experience.Our classes will explore a wide range of topics including the following topics: poetry; drama; American, British, and world literature; writing in a variety of modes for a variety of purposes and audiences; literary analysis, nonfiction reading techniques, debate, and public speaking; historical analysis of texts; humanism; aesthetic and analytical purposes of literature.
    My pedagogy is based on a student-centered approach, where we all learn together as a community of learners. By using this approach, the teacher and the students get to actively share in the learning and teaching experience together.  Students in my class are encouraged to work together and be respectful of the opinions, abilities, and ideas of others in the classroom.  I hope that through this process we all learn more, achieve a sense of responsibility, and gain valuable personal skills. So, I invite into my site and my classroom in order to begin the learning process together.
    I use Google Calendar to post lessons and homework: click here!
    Check these sites out:
    College Board 101: a list books to read before college
     Poetry Foundation: a really helpful source for finding great poems
     Quizlet: Use this site to study vocabulary!