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    Mr. Grove
    Mr. Grove
    11th/12th grade - Psychology; 11th/12th grade - Sociology; 12th grade - Honors Government; American Government and 10-12 AP U.S. History.
    (814) 487-7613, ext. 4205
    Welcome to Forest Hills Jr. Sr. High School and my classroom.  I teach psychology, an elective course for grades 11 and 12; Government, a required course for all high school seniors; and Honors Government, an accelerated class for high school seniors who qualify for the course.  For the 2018-2019 school year, Forest Hills High School is offering AP U.S. History for students in grades 10-12.  AP U.S. History, Sociology, and Psychology are dual enrollment classes through Mount Aloysius College. In addition, Honors Government continues to be a dual enrollment class. Forest Hills High School, along with its faculty, promotes a secondary learning environment in which students are exposed to higher academic and learning standards.  As a result, students begin an accelerated transition to independent learning, which requires students to become more responsible and self-directed. 

    In addition to meeting state and national academic standards, students will be required to write extensively, read with a purpose, and participate in many thought-provoking discussions and debates.