• Welcome to Gifted Education at Forest Hills Junior High School
    Gifted education services at FHJHS centers around teaching reading and critical thinking skills along with addressing individual GIEP goals. 
    The gifted classes will continue to experience curricular changes during the 2018-2019 school year. All classes will reflect a shift toward further development of problem-solving skills along with reading, critical thinking.
    • Grade 7:  Problem Solving 7 Focus:  Introduction to problem-solving and logical reasoning.  Implementation of problem-solving practices through an entrepreneurial simulation.
    • Grade 8:  Problem Solving 8 Focus:  Formal logic, creativity,  technology, and implementation of problem-solving through a sports management simulation.
    • Grade 9:  Problem Solving 9 Focus:  Independent learning opportunity--the student designs and implements a learning path on a chosen topic.
    • Additionally, all grades perform activities related to creativity, SAT preparation, and college and career guidance.   
    Finally, all gifted students at the Junior High school are caretakers of the Forest Hills School District Pipe Organ.  This one-of-a-kind instrument is valued at $125,000 and was completely constructed by gifted students on the premises of the former Forest Hills Middle School.  The Forest Hills School District Pipe Organ is our gift to the community and resides at the bottom of the center stairwell in the main lobby of the Junior-Senior High School.