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I.          Meetings


The Forest Hills School District has a state-certified workplace safety committee that meets once a month (normally on the fourth Tuesday). The meeting is held in the District Office, Field House, Elementary, Middle, and High Schools alternating locations each month.


II.        Responsibilities


The Forest Hills District Safety Committee responsibilities include evaluating annually the district’s safety program, review employee work-related incident reports, conduct monthly workplace safety inspections, review employee suggestions and complaints, review newly-implemented safety equipment, and recommend employee safety education training programs.


III.             Authority

The Safety committee shall carry the authority of the Forest Hills School District’s management. The safety committee chairperson shall report directly to the Superintendent of Schools.


IV.             Membership

           The membership of the committee consists of an equal number of employer and employee                 

            representatives and represent all major workplace activities of the District.


            Current Members:


            Daniel Lester, Maintenance Supervisor (Chairman)                            Extension 2223

            e-mail:  dlester@fhrangers.org        


            Chris Reighard, Business Manager (Workers Comp Coordinator)     Extension 3202

            e-mail:  creighard@fhrangers.org


            Larry Celmer, Elementary School Assistant Principal                        Extension 3601

            e-mail:  lcelmer@fhrangers.org


            Claudine Yuhas, High School Nurse                                                    Extension 2216

            e-mail:  cyuhas@fhrangers.org


            James Martin, High School Custodian                                                 Extension 2223

            e-mail:  jmartin@fhrangers.org


            Cindy Vizzini, Middle School Cafeteria Worker                                   Extension 3807

             email: cinviz@aol.com 


If you have any workplace safety or health concerns you can contact any of the above members to have your concerns addressed at the next safety meeting.