• Forest Hills Alumni Association Membership Form
       The Forest Hills Alumni Association is currently seeking new members and would love to have you among our ranks! The purposes of this newly formed organization are to:
    1. build friendship and cooperation among the graduates of the Forest Hills School District – South Fork, South Fork-Croyle, Beaverdale, Wilmore, Beaverdale-Wilmore, Triangle Area, Adams Township and Adams-Summerhill, and Forest Hills.
    2. assist graduating classes in preparing for upcoming reunions,
    3. help individual alumni maintain contact with each other and the Forest Hills School District,
    4. encourage alumni support of the school district’s educational programs through fundraising and donations,
    5. honor distinguished alumni, and
    6. most importantly, maintain and enhance the prestige and tradition of the Forest Hills School District.

       As a member of the Forest Hills Alumni Association, you will receive a membership card, a Forest Hills lapel pin, and the District newsletter, Forest Hills News, which is published tri-annually. A section of this publication will help keep alums abreast of upcoming Association events, activities, and latest news from the Forest Hills School District. The Forest Hills Alumni Association offers two types of membership:

    1. Annual Membership – limited to alumni of the Forest Hills School System - $10
    2. Associate Membership – includes non-alumni, i.e. faculty, staff, employees, parents of students, etc. - $10

       To join the Forest Hills Alumni Association, please complete the form attached to this page and mail to the Association Treasurer with a check payable to the Forest Hills Alumni Association. We look forward to your membership in this growing organization.