• Welcome to the Office of Special Education and the School Psychologist
    The School Psychologist/Supervisor of Special Education is charged with overseeing the following programs in the Forest Hills School District:
    • Special Education
    • Gifted Education
    • Transition Services
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Emotional Support
    • Autistic Support
    The Forest Hills School District provides an extensive range of educational services and supports for students with special needs within our schools.  The continuum of programs and services for children with disabilities varies in accordance with the changing needs of the student of our community.
    The Special Education office is located in the lobby of the elementary school at:
    547 Locust Street
    Sidman, PA 15955 
    Supervisor of Special Education
    Erica LaMantia
    Phone:  814-487-7613 x3605   
    Email:  elamantia@fhrangers.org
    School Psychologist
    Donna Murphy-Carosi
    Phone:  (814) 487-7613 x3610
    Email:  dcarosi@fhrangers.org
    Special Education Secretary
    Melissa Boneshefski
    Phone:  814-487-7613 x3608
    Email:  mboneshefski@fhrangers.org
     Please visit the SPECIAL EDUCATION NOTICES link at the left for all notifications required by law.
    **Are you a parent or caregiver in need of assistance with a special needs child?   If so, CLICK HERE for a listing of resources and agencies available in our area.**
    Teaching Staff:
                12 Learning Support
                  2 Speech/Language
                  1 Autistic Support
                     Emotional Support