Mr. Lucas Jacobs


    Mr. Celmer

    Mr. Lucas Jacobs serves as the Director of Education in the District Office in charge of curriculum development, instruction, assessment, and Federal Programs Coordinator, as well as the Title IX Coordinator.  

    We are committed to motivating, challenging, and inspiring your child to become his or her best.  As a school, we continue our commitment to excellence and our effort to build traditions and establish programs to prepare our students for the future. As a staff, we firmly believe that every child has the ability to be a successful learner and that a powerful home/school partnership creates the environment that builds success.

    The Forest Hills School Staff is committed to excellence in education in an environment where all children will maximize their greatest potentials to reach high expectations. We value your children and we value their learning! We invite you to join us in making this a year of growth, learning and success for your child.

    We need your support and participation. We realize it is a busy and expansive world and your time is at a premium. However, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to “build a bridge” with your child’s school. We want to be partners with you in providing the best educational experience we can for your child. We value and appreciate your input and support. With today’s technology, we are only a telephone call or e-mail away, so please stay connected.  As we continue to work together, your child(ren) will receive an outstanding education at Forest Hills!

    I look forward to partnering with you to make this an exciting and successful year for our students.  I am honored to be your Director of Education!  Thank you in advance for your support and commitment!

    Mr. Lucas Jacobs

    Telephone: (814) 487-7613, extension 3249