• Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Forest Hills School District is to provide the best student-centered education so all students acquire and apply the knowledge and skills to succeed in an ever-changing world.

    Vision Statement:

    The purpose of education in this District is to facilitate the development of each student to reach his/her maximum potential. Through a collaborative effort among school, family, and community, the student will become a successful citizen in a global society.

    Shared Values:

    Our schools must serve as the learning centers for our communities by providing opportunities for students to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
    Changes occurring in the make up of the family unit require the school to address issues, which, in the past, were not part of the educational program.
    The knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed through the educational program require a rigorous curriculum that is balanced and fosters high expectations and addresses the needs of each student.
    The curriculum is continually evolving to ensure alignment in current trends and research regarding teaching and learning.
    Technology is a seamless part of every teacher’s classroom. It is used to enhance student-learning opportunities and skills required to succeed in a technology-driven society.
    The learning environment should encourage responsible citizenship, democratic ideals, community service, and respect for all.
    Responsive schools take a leading role in promoting safety and wellness.

    Every student with a disability is a member of the student body and a particular class. The regular education classroom and curriculum with supplementary aids and services will be the first option considered when making educational decisions for all students with disabilities.

    The District employs and supports highly competent and committed administration, faculty, and support staff knowledgeable in research-based best practices.
    Knowledge and appreciation of the fine arts and humanities is an integral part of the human cultural experience and enhances the educational process.