• Mr. Bowser Mr. Edwin Bowser
    Superintendent Of Schools



    Hello. I am Ed Bowser, Superintendent of the Forest Hills School District. I extend to you a sincere and warm welcome to my webpage. From Pre-K through grade 12, the District is setting high goals and expectations for all students.


    I am excited to announce that preliminary indications from the Pennsylvania Department of Education illustrate that the Forest Hills School District has once again met the department's expectations.  The district's demographic information, statistical data, and student test results indicate that the School Building Profile for all three schools continue to improve as students accomplish academic success at all levels and in each category.*  I would like to publicly commend our administration, professional staff, parents, and students for the effort they put forth in the PSSA and Keystone testing initiatives.  We will continue to strive to be the very best in all we do each school year in an effort to meet the testing requirements and mandates of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


    District personnel continue to be committed to success for all students. We continue to seek the best test strategies to help all students improve performance and meet the challenges of the 21st century. We pledge to maintain high expectations for classroom achievement and behavior, while continuing to provide assistance for all students who need alternative approaches. We embrace the philosophy and believe it is our responsibility to create an educational environment conducive to learning for all students. The academically gifted as well as the educationally disadvantaged must all be able to reach their career aspirations and dreams. The district continues to strive to create in each student, an adequate working knowledge of the educational process, and in doing so, stimulate pride and a desire to learn. We have taken a holistic approach and incorporated philosophies into the classroom to instill a love of learning and citizenship in all our students.


    I request that our parents and guardians, in return set high goals and expectations for their children’s academic success. Their expectations and encouragement for success should be the propelling force that motivates each child. Encourage and support your child in all educational and extracurricular endeavors. I ask that parents do not accept mediocre grades, excuses, and poor study habits. Stress the importance of a quality education and help to ensure future opportunities for your child. By combining this knowledge and expertise, parents and teachers can give students the best chance for success.


    Approximately 8 years ago the Forest Hills School District embarked on an adventurous endeavor – the construction of a new Middle School/High School building. This undertaking culminated 10 years of strategic planning by previous administrators and board members. The process was very labor-intensive and was based on a number of existing factors including a district-wide decline in student enrollment, the need to replace antiquated infrastructure, and consolidation of existing facilities, with the goal of possibly constructing a state-of-the-art building to address the educational needs of our students in the future. The administration and school board systematically and logistically proceeded with the construction project. The vision of this project was to create a state-of-the-art comprehensive educational system which is located on one campus. The new facility now serves the educational needs of the district's students but acts as the recreational and social community center for our area. This complex is multifunctional and serve as a home for the performing arts and as a venue for all athletic teams and sporting events. Various community meetings have been scheduled in the facility as well as providing public access to the first floor library and cafeteria. Individuals and organizations are now able to use a unique Large Group Instruction (LGI) area that was designed to be flexible to accommodate the needs of all meetings and activities. The LGI is designed to accommodate a variety of functional configurations. The front half of the room will accommodate over 2 classes of students in lecture seating. The rear half of the room accommodates over 100 students in retractable seating. The room is accessible from the hall and the Library/Media Center and will serve as a resource for a whole host of educational needs. The new gymnasium facility is located adjacent and connected to the existing field house building creating a comprehensive athletic complex. The gym functions as a physical education classroom, as a performance venue, and as a community resource. The gym consists of a large 1,100-seat competition gym. The gym spaces can be combined into one large venue holding over 1100 in bleacher seating or divided into two separate athletic areas for basketball, volleyball, or wrestling practice or events. A practice wrestling room, locker rooms, concession stand and storage facilities have also been included in the facility.


    The administration, staff, and school board have worked cooperatively to design this multi-functional/multi-faceted educational building that not only meets the current educational needs of our students addresses the needs of future generations. This state-of-the-art educational facility was officially opened on January 6, 2017.


    In conclusion, my goal is to continue to open doors of opportunity so that all of our students may realize a bright future of success enabling them to be quality, productive citizens.


    I will always have my door open to parents, community members, and visitors so that together we can provide the opportunities for all students to reach their potential throughout their years at Forest Hills.




    Edwin Bowser

    Superintendent of Schools


    “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”