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    Name:  Mrs. Lindsay Baker
    Grade/Subject:  Third Grade
    Phone/Ext:  487-7613 Ext 2718
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    April 3, 2020 Update:


    Hello students and families!

    I hope everybody is doing well and staying healthy. I cannot express how much I miss seeing all of your smiling faces every day! These past few weeks have been extremely hectic for everyone.  While the administration and teachers are working hard to plan the next steps and get things ready, there are still a lot of things that are still unknown as we navigate through this unfortunate situation.

    As you probably already are aware, the district is moving towards providing instruction to students online.  If your family does not have internet or computer access, the district will be making modifications to fit your needs.  The district will be sending more information regarding this initiative. You should be receiving the information within the next few days.

    I wanted to make you aware of how the third grade team of teachers is planning to move forward.  The six third grade teachers have decided to split up the third grade curriculum while the district moves into Phase 3 of their Continuity of Education Plan. Mrs. Poldiak will be providing your reading instruction. Mrs. Shope will be working with you all on spelling, grammar, and writing.  Mrs. Beyer will be providing your science lessons.  Mrs. Howell will be doing your social studies instruction.  Mr. Myers and I will be taking on the mathematics curriculum.

    Any students who work with Mrs. Hostetler for reading will be given sole ELA instruction by Mrs. Hostetler.  Therefore, those students will not need to complete the assignments from Mrs. Shope or Mrs. Poldiak.  Mrs. Hostetler will be in contact with those students.

    I am asking for all of you to be patient and understanding as we move towards this online learning platform.  This is new for all of us and we are learning as we go.  I never thought as an elementary teacher I would need to teach 8 and 9 year olds online!

    Also, please understand that not all third grade classrooms are currently in the same place in ELA and math.  After talking with the other teachers about where each of our classes are, it is clear that our room is a little ahead of other rooms.  For example, we have already read Mr. Rubbish Mood, but we are the only third grade class that has. I know that Mrs. Poldiak is planning to start with this story, so please be patient and look at it as a review of the concepts that we already discussed.  It is very important that Mrs. Poldiak teaches the concepts aligned with this story to the rest of third grade, so our class will just get some extra practice.  After all, practice makes perfect!

    Mr. Myers and I will both be working on teaching math because half of the grade is working on Chapter 9 (Fractions) and half of the grade is ready to move onto Chapter 11 (Area and Perimeter).  When school closed, we were getting ready to take our Chapter 9 test.  The students will not be tested on Chapter 9. Therefore, I am asking that the students in my class begin Chapter 11 when we move forward with this online learning initiative. Therefore, you can all ignore anything that Mr. Myers assigns from Chapter 9 for math.

    You will be receiving more detailed instructions regarding this online learning initiative, as well as how to assess these materials within the next few days.  For now, there are review activities posted on the Elementary School webpage.  You can assess these by clicking on the “Phase 2” headline on the elementary homepage.

    Lastly, in regards to the third marking period, all students will be receiving the full 5% bonus for both ELA and math.  In addition, any student who has not taken a Reading Counts test for the third nine weeks will be marked exempt due to not having the opportunity to take a test in time.   

    I will be checking my email daily.  I cannot guarantee I will be able to answer all of your questions at this time, but will do my best to answer any question you may have.  Stay safe and stay healthy!








    Welcome to 3rd Grade!

    Third grade is an exciting and important year in your child’s education that is filled with tons of hands-on learning experiences. Your child will build his or her math skills, become a better reader and writer, and will learn many interesting things in science and social studies as well.  We will also have quite a bit of fun along the way!
    I am looking forward to our working together to make this a most successful year! Your help and support will make a huge impact on your child's education. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!