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    Mr. James Fisher
    Civics / Geography  (7th)          U.S. History II   (9th)
    (814) 487-7613 ext : 6207
    Welcome to Forest Hills Junior / Senior High School. I teach Civics / Geography , a 7th grade course that is broken into two eighteen week sections and also United States History II, a 9th grade course. I am looking forward to an educationally productive and overall satisfying school year. We at Forest Hills promote a learning environment where students are made aware of the higher academic, learning, and social standards. Students will be held accountable for becoming more responsible and self-directed with their class studies as well as overall educational and real world experiences. Teaching the children of the Forest Hills School District is a privilege and also a great responsibility that I am looking forward to. The classes that are offered are aligned to state and national standards and in addition to that, the students will be required to write and read for a purpose and also be prompted to actively participate in their daily education. I encourage parents / guardian participation as well. Once again, I am extremely honored to be a part of the Forest Hills School District and teaching your individual children. It is my sincere goal to encourage and promote educational growth in an environment that is comfortable, safe, and stimulating.
    To contact me, I can be reached at (814) 487-7613 ext : 6207.  I am available during Prep period (3rd) 9:19 - 10:02 Monday - Tuesday - Thursday and during Activities Day the Prep periods are from 9:07 - 9:44, Wednesday & Friday.
    "Learning without thinking is labor lost ; thinking without learning is perilous."  Confucius