• Coaching Philosophy


         I believe that track and field is more than just a sport.  The values that we teach and the experiences from throughout the season will have a lasting effect on your daughter’s lives.  The entire coaching staff will do all they can to make this season a successful, rewarding, and fun experience for your daughter. I believe that, as in life, you will only get out of track what you put into it. I will demand dedication, commitment, hard work, and sacrifice.  In return, they will be challenged to be the best athlete they can be.


         While track is an individual sport, and it is very rewarding to set personal goals and have individual success, it will be our success as a team that will define the success of our program.  I will stress the importance of working together toward a common goal and being a “team” person. I want your daughter to feel as if they are a vital part of our team and hope they will take an active role.


         In the end I want your daughter to become a better athlete, better student, better citizen and a better leader. Only then will I consider our program a success.

    Tom Hunter