• Welcome to Forest Hills Junior-Senior High School!


    FH graduation 2018

    The education of your son or daughter is our primary focus.  We believe a solid, well-rounded high school experience will build the foundation for future success.  Educators have a wonderful opportunity to positively impact the lives of so many people.  We believe public education in the United States serves many purposes.  These include:

    1)      The promotion and preservation of a democratic society.

    2)      Assisting students so that they can thrive once they leave the school system whether they decide to further their education or pursue a career upon graduation.

    3)      Developing life-long learners that understand the power and advantages of a well-rounded education and life philosophy. 

    As the climate of our world changes, we in education must have the foresight to lead our students into this new and exciting time.  Our school communities have much at stake.  Our futures depend on the success of all students.  Each student, with their own strengths and unique abilities, must be afforded every opportunity to grow and develop.  By working together, this can and will be accomplished.