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    to the
    Forest Hills Junior- Senior High School Library
     The Library serves as the academic core of Forest Hills Junior/Senior High School. 
    ·         Thousands of titles
    ·         24 desktop workstations                              
    ·         Subscription to One Click E-Books
    ·         Student study space
    ·         Leisure reading area
    ·         Newspaper and periodical reading
    ·         Copy/print station 

     Pandora Internet Radio  
    The High School Library proudly features
    Pandora Internet Radio's
    Classical for Studying Channel


  • Tutor.com Tutor.com is an online service to help students in grades K-16 in a variety of STEM-related subjects through live tutoring sessions, practice quizzes and tests, video lessons and more. Tutor.com will offer students 1:1 online tutoring sessions from 3 pm to 10 pm daily to assist with homework and concepts related to Math, Science and Computer Literacy. Students can take practice quizzes for topics in for Math, Science, English and sections of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test at any time and later connect with a tutor to discuss any questions they missed. Students can also drop off a Math question 24/7 for review by a tutor, who will explain the step by step solution. Full-length practice tests, detailed score reports and related video lessons and practice drills are available 24/7 for SAT/ACT prep. Other tools available 24/7 include math and English video tutorials and prep for AP and grad school exams. Tutor.com will be available before the end of August through May 31, 2023. To access Tutor.com, students will need to have a public library card. On the CSB2 webpage is a list of libraries and how to register online to receive a card.

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