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    Mrs. Stiffler
    Christina Stiffler
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    Hello and Welcome
    I have the privilege to teach the 4 year old PreK program here at Forest Hills Elementary.  I have an AM and a PM session.  The children are amazing!  Their laughter, zest for knowledge, and eagerness to form friendships are qualities that I see in every child, every day!
    My classroom is full of fun and exciting learning experiences. Students are engaged in activites that are literacy and math based, which follow the PA Academic Standards.  Students participate in classroom centers, attend the computer lab, and are given a daily snack.
    Throughout the school year, students create art projects, work on gross and fine motor skills, write in sentences, count by 10's, recognize sight words, and understand the role of an author and an illustrator.
    Though I only see the children for a short time each day, we achieve a lot in that amount of time. I enjoy every minute that I have with them.