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    Tuesday, January 25

     Wresting Home


    6:00 JH vs. Westmont

    7:00 Varsity vs. Westmont (Parent/Senior Night)


    Varsity Rifle Home

    3:00 Virtual Match vs. Turkeyfoot Valley












    Friday, November 19th

    VARSITY Football vs. Richland

    Friday, November 12th

    VARSITY Football @ Bald Eagle Area (W, 49-20)

    Friday, November 5th

    VARSITY Football @ Cambria Heights (W, 29-0)

    Thursday, November 4th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Central Cambria (L, 0-3)

    Tuesday, November 2nd

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Penns Valley (W, 3-1)

    Friday, October 29th

    VARSITY Football vs. Johnstown (W, 56-14)

    Thursday, October 28th

    MS Football @ Penn Cambria (W, 28-0)

    Wednesday, October 27th

    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Bedford (L, 0-8)

    Tuesday, October 26th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Somerset (L, 1-3)
    JV vs. Somerset (W, 2-0)
    7th GRADE Football @ Penn Cambria (L, 8-14)

    Monday, October 25th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ United (W, 3-0)
    JV @ United (W, 2-0)
    JV Football vs. Penn Cambria (W, 28-14)

    Friday, October 22nd

    VARSITY Football @ Penn Cambria (W, 29-7)

    Thursday, October 21st

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Johnstown (W, 3-0)
    JV @ Jtown (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Johnstown (W, 4-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Johnstown (W, 8-1)
    MS Football @ Somerset (W, 58-0)

    Wednesday, October 20th

    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Westmont (L, 0-1)

    Tuesday, October 19th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Bishop McCort (W, 3-0)
    JV vs. BM (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Westmont (L, 0-2)
    MS Girls Soccer @ Cambria Heights (L, 0-1)
    MS Boys Soccer @ Cambria Heights (W, 4-1)
    7th GRADE Football vs. Berlin (W, 32-6)

    Monday, October 18th

    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Richland (L, 0-4)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Richland (L, 0-5)
    JV Football vs. Somerset (No Report)

    Friday, October 15th

    VARSITY Football @ Somerset (W, 49-15)

    Thursday, October 14th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Central Cambria (L, 1-3)
    JV @ CC ()
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Chestnut Ridge (W, 3-2)
    MS Girls Soccer @ Richland (W, 2-0)
    MS Boys Soccer @ Richland (W, 4-0)
    MS Football vs. Westmont (W, 47-6)

    Wednesday, October 13th

    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Chestnut Ridge (W, 6-2)
    VARSITY Girls XC
    vs. Penn Cambria (W, 22-35)
    vs. Bishop McCort (W, 15-50)
    vs. Penn Cambria (L, 34-22)
    vs. Bishop McCort (W, 22-33)

    Tuesday, October 12th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Chestnut Ridge (W, 3-1)
    JV vs. CR (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Penn Cambria (L, 3-4)
    MS Girls Soccer vs. Johnstown (W, 8-0)
    MS Boys Soccer vs. Johnstown (W, 4-0)

    Monday, October 11th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Penn Cambria (W, 3-0)
    JV @ PC (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Penn Cambria (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Conemaugh Township (W, 2-1)
    JV Football vs. Westmont (W, 24-14)
    MS Girls Soccer vs. Conemaugh Township (W, 1-0)
    MS Boys Soccer vs. Conemaugh Township (L, 0-1)

    Friday, October 8th

    VARSITY Football vs. Westmont (L, 19-21)

    Thursday, October 7th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Bishop Guilfoyle (L, 0-3)
    JV @ BG (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Cambria Heights (T, 0-0)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Bishop Guilfoyle
    Match 1 (L, 2-3)
    Match 2 (L, 1-4)
    MS Girls Soccer @ Central (L, 2-3)
    MS Boys Soccer @ Central (L, 2-3)
    MS Football vs. Bedford (W, 38-8)

    Wednesday, October 6th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Central (W, 3-0)
    JV vs. Central (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Girls XC
    vs. Bishop Carroll (W, 15-50)
    vs. Central (W, 15-50)
    vs. Chestnut Ridge (W, 18-41)
    vs. Bishop Carroll (W, 15-50)
    vs. Central (W, 25-30)
    vs. Chestnut Ridge (L, 30-26)

    Tuesday, October 5th

    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Bishop Guilfoyle (L, 0-1)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Central (W, 5-4)
    VARSITY Boys  Golf
    vs. Central (L, 242-208)
    vs. Richland (L, 242-228)
    7th GRADE Football @ Bedford (W, 26-6)

    Monday, October 4th

    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Central (L, 2-5)
    MS Girls Soccer @ Conemaugh Township (W, 2-1)
    MS Boys Soccer @ Conemaugh Township (L, 1-3)

    Friday, October 1st

    VARSITY Football vs. Bedford (L, 21-55)

    Thursday, September 30th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Westmont (W, 3-2)
    JV vs. WH (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Cambria Heights (W, 1-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Bishop Carroll (T, 2-2)

    Wednesday, September 29th

    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Bishop Carroll (W, 2-1)
    VARSITY Girls XC
    vs. Johnstown Christian (W, 21-37)
    vs. Richland (W, 20-36)
    vs. Portage (L, 28-27)
    vs. Richland (W, 15-50)
    vs. Portage (W, 25-30)
    MS Boys Soccer vs. Rockwood (W, 2-0)

    Tuesday, September 28th

    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Richland (W, 4-1)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Somerset (L, 1-6)
    MS Girls Soccer vs. Somerset (L, 0-3)
    MS Boys Soccer vs. Somerset (T, 1-1)

    Monday, September 27th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Cambria Heights (L, 1-3)
    JV @ CH (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Somerset (L, 0-4)
    JV Football vs. Chestnut Ridge (W, 16-0)
    MS Girls Soccer vs. Berlin (W, 2-0)
    MS Boys Soccer vs. Berlin (W, 2-1)

    Friday, September 24th

    VARSITY Football @ Chestnut Ridge (W, 42-35)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Central (W, 3-2)
    VARSITY Boys Golf @ Somerset Country Club
    vs. Somerset (L, 263-216)
    vs. Westmont (L, 263-245)

    Thursday, September 23rd

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Bishop Carroll (W, 3-0)
    JV vs. BC (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Bedford (L, 0-12)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Bedford (L, 0-9)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Central Cambria (L, 1-4)
    MS Girls Soccer @ Westmont (W, 4-1)
    MS Boys Soccer @ Westmont (W, 14-0)
    MS Football @ Bishop Guilfoyle (W, 16-0)

    Wednesday, September 22nd

    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Central Cambria (W, 3-0)
    VARSITY Girls XC @ Westmont
    vs. Westmont (W, 15-50)
    vs. Somerset (W, 17-41)
    VARSITY Boys XC @ Westmont
    vs. Westmont (L, 34-21)
    vs. Somerset (L, 33-22)

    Tuesday, September 21st

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Richland (W, 3-2)
    JV @ Richland (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Central Cambria (L, 1-4)
    MS Girls Soccer vs. Richland (W, 2-0)
    MS Boys Soccer vs. Richland (W, 5-1)
    7th GRADE Football vs. Johnstown (L, 6-50)

    Monday, September 20th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Bedford (W, 3-2)
    JV @ Bedford (L, 1-2)
    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Bishop Guilfoyle (L, 1-9)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Bishop Guilfoyle (L, 3-4)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Chestnut Ridge (L, 2-3)
    JV Football vs. Bishop Guilfoyle (W, 14-13)
    MS Girls Soccer vs. Cambria Heights (L, 1-3)
    MS Boys Soccer vs. Cambria Heights (W, 2-0)

    Saturday, September 18th

    VARSITY Football @ Bishop Guilfoyle (L, 16-17)

    Thursday, September 16th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Somerset (W, 3-2)
    JV @ Somerset (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Girls Golf @ Park Hills
    vs. Altoona (L, 193-174)
    vs. Bishop Carroll (W, 193-198)
    vs. Central Cambria (L, 193-161)
    vs. Penn Cambria (L, 193-147)
    vs. Hollidaysburg (L, 193-156)
    VARSITY Boys Golf @ Windber Country Club
    vs. Bishop Carroll (W, 223-246)
    vs. Central Cambria (W, 223-234)
    vs. Chestnut Ridge (W, 223-253)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Bishop McCort (W, 4-1)
    MS Girls Soccer vs. Central (T, 3-3)
    MS Boys Soccer vs. Central (W, 4-2)
    MS Football vs. Central Cambria (W, 38-0)

    Wednesday, September 15th

    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Johnstown (W, 9-0)
    VARSITY Girls XC @ Central Cambria (L, 38-23)
    VARSITY Boys XC @ Central Cambria (L, 15-48)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Bedford (L, 0-5)

    Tuesday, September 14th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Johnstown (W, 3-0)
    JV vs. Johnstown (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Johnstown (W, 6-1)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Chestnut Ridge (L, 0-5)
    MS Girls Soccer @ Johnstown (W, 15-2)
    MS Boys Soccer @ Johnstown (W, 13-0)
    7th GRADE Football @ Central Cambria (W, 16-6)

    Monday, September 13th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball @ Bishop McCort (W, 3-0)
    JV @ McCort (W, 2-0)
    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Westmont (L, 0-2)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Westmont (L, 0-5)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Somerset (L, 0-5)
    JV Football @ Central Cambria (L, 15-20)
    MS Girls Soccer vs. Bishop Guilfoyle (L, 0-2)

    Friday, September 10th

    VARSITY Football vs. Central Cambria (L, 22-28)

    Thursday, September 9th

    VARSITY Girls Soccer @ Richland (L, 0-1)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer vs. Richland (L, 0-4)
    VARSITY Girls Cross Country vs. Bedford (W, 27-28)
    VARSITY Boys Cross Country vs. Bedford (L, 32-23)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Westmont (L, 1-4)
    MS Girls Soccer vs. Westmont (W, 3-0)
    MS Boys Soccer vs. Westmont (W, 8-0)
    MS Football @ Central (W, 30-0)

    Wednesday, September 8th

    VARSITY Girls Volleyball vs. Central Cambria (W, 3-2)
    VARSITY Boys Soccer @ Chestnut Ridge (L, 2-4)
    7th GRADE Football vs. Central (W, 28-0)

    Tuesday, September 7th

    VARSITY Girls Soccer vs. Chestnut Ridge (W, 8-0)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Richland (W, 3-2)
    MS Girls Soccer @ Somerset (W, 3-1)
    MS Boys Soccer @ Somerset (L, 2-5)

    Friday, September 3rd

    VARSITY Football @ Central (L, 15-46)

    Thursday, September 2nd

    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Central Cambria (L, 1-4)

    Monday, August 30th

    JUNIOR VARSITY Football @ Bishop McCort (W, 25-13)

    Friday, August 27th

    VARSITY Football vs. Bishop McCort (W, 41-18)

    Thursday, August 26th

    VARSITY Boys Golf
    vs. Conemaugh Valley (W, 266-269)
    vs. Conemaugh Township (L, 266-221)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis @ Bishop McCort (W, 5-0)

    Wednesday, August 25th

    VARSITY Boys Golf @ Bishop Guilfoyle (L, 240-218)
    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Bedford (L, 0-5)

    Tuesday, August 24th

    VARSITY Boys Golf @ Bishop McCort (L, 220-211)

    Monday, August 23rd

    VARSITY Girls Tennis vs. Somerset (L, 0-5)

    LHAC CHAMPIONS 2020-2021








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