• I will be the art teacher for Mrs. Stiffler's Pre-K AM and PM classes.


    For their first visit to my art room my students are made aware of two important topics:  art room safety and their responsibilities while working in the art room.My students "Art Room Responsibilities" are taken from the student handbook.  They are:  Pay Attention.  Follow Directions.  Do Your Best Work.  Take Care of Materials.  Get Along with Others.  Respect Others' Rights and Property.


    In pre-k art I begin the year introducing the students to the ingredients (the art elements) used to make art.  I begin with lines.  We talk about different kinds of lines, identify the lines in the art room (if the lines can be found) and practice drawing the lines. 


    My Pre-K classes have completed the line project with an amazing twist.  I showed each student how you can turn a watercolor marker drawing into a painting!I explained the procedure and spritzed the paper with a mist of water from a spray bottle.  The marker lines become watercolor paint.


    My students have used their knowledge of lines to make a line/shape design.


    The students explored the art element - texure by using texture plates and crayons to make rubbings of different textures on brown, yellow and orange paper.  The students used these texture rubbings to make a texture turkey.  This project will be seen at the FHES Art Show in early May 2016.