• Gifted Individualized Education Plan Information
    I.  Preparing for your GIEP meeting
    The purpose of the GIEP meeting is to discuss designing instruction for a student who has been identified as needing gifted support services by the Gifted Multi Disciplinary Team.  Parents, teachers, and the student discuss a potential plan of action based upon the Present Levels of Educational Performance (PLEP).  Goals (if any are needed) grow out of the PLEPs and reflect the concepts of enrichment, acceleration, or a combination of both enrichment and acceleration.
    Parent input is an important part of this process and is present in PLEP portion of the GIEP.  Please click on the following link to begin the process for submitting parent input.  HINT:  Please click from box to box OR use the TAB key.  Hitting "enter" or "return" may submit the form  before completion.