• This page was created to aid the homebound student with assignments and files needed to complete computer classes--
    1.  Complete Study Guide 1-4--Page 1 is for the test this week we will take in class.
         Study Guide 5-8 is for a 2nd test--The formula study guide is for a formula quiz.
         Formulas can be accessed on the toolbar of the Excel Program.
    2.  Work on Projects 1-6 first--They can be e-mailed to my school address.
    3.  Work on Projects 7-12--2nd--
    4.  You can e-mail projects when you finish 5 of them, that way the e-mail will hold them.
    5.  After I get the student e-mail address--I will set up the tests on the google drive; tests will be taken and
       e-mailed back to my school address.  A test window will be established on this website, and after the
       test is returned by e-mail it will be deleted.
    6.  After completion of the folder the homebound instructor takes to the student is completed, more work
         will be sent by paper copies. 
    7.  All data files for the assignments, and study guides will be linked to this page.
    Mrs. Makin
    April 10--updated information to complete                                                            Study GuideLesson 5-8
    Study Guide Excel Lesson 5-8--is linked
    MSExcel--Quiz 3--Take quiz and have instructor mail it to me                              Test 3
    MSExcel--Quiz 4--Take quiz and have instructor mail it to me                              Test 4
    Packets that you have--
    1.  Complete 7 documents--from Packet 11 & 12--together
    2.  Complete 6 Documents from Packet 14--payrolls & invoices
    Spreadsheets are grades as follows--
    All columns are totaled--                                                                                       Excel Solution       Excel Solutions 
    Money is 2 places and $ is used
    (If these aren't included you lose 1 pt.)