• Area agencies available to assist the Forest Hills community

    Admiral Peary Vo-Tech                                                                   814-472-6490

    Cambria County Literacy Council                                                814-539-3791

    Cambria County Team Career Link                                             814-533-2493

    Goodwill Industries                                                                         814-536-3536


    Childcare Assistance

    Cambria County Assistance Office                                               814-533-2491

    Childcare Information Services                                                    800-492-9292


    Domestic Violence

    Child Abuse Hotline                                                                         800-260-5860

    Victim’s Services                                                                               814-288-4961

    Women’s Help Center of Cambria County                                 814-536-5361

    Youth Crisis Hotline                                                                         800-HIT-HOME
    Cambria County Crisis Intervention Unit                                  814-535-8531

    Drug and Alcohol

    Ala-non & Al-teen                                                                             814-533-5907

    Cambria County Drug and Alcohol Prevention                       814-536-9031

    CAST (Clean and Sober Teens)                                                     814-533-1627

    Narcotics Anonymous                                                                     814-533-5907

    Remembering Adam                                                                        814-344-8026


    Emergency Assistance and Financial Assistance

    Cambria County Assistance Office                                              814-533-2491

    Community Action Partnership of Cambria County              814-536-9031

    Catholic Charities                                                                             814-535-6538

    Dorothy Day Services                                                                      814-539-2633

    Salvation Army                                                                                  814-539-3110

    St. Vincent DePaul                                                                            814-535-4357

    United Methodist Human Services                                             814-539-2633

    WIC Program                                                                                     814-536-9031



    Johnstown Free Medical Clinic                                                     814-534-6242

    Med-Well Urgent Care                                                                    814-269-5200

    PA Department of Health for Cambria County                        814-248-3120


    Mental Health

    Cambria County MH/MR                                                               814-535-8531

    Suicide and Emotional Crisis Line                                              814-535-8531

    Suicide Prevention Life Line                                                         800-273-8255


    Parenting/Family Help

    Alternative Community Resource Program                              814-534-0745

    Beginnings, Inc.                                                                                 814-539-1919

    Family Center                                                                                     814-536-1555

    Family Life Office                                                                              814-886-5551

    New Day                                                                                              814-535-8202

    United Methodist Human Services                                              814-539-2633

    Westmont Family Counseling Ministries                                   814-536-0798



    National Runaway Switchboard                                                    800-RUN-AWAY


    Social Services

    Alternative Community Resource Program                               814-534-0745

    Cambria County Children and Youth                                            814-539-7454

    Catholic Charities                                                                               814-535-6538


    Tutoring Services

    Sylvan Learning Center                                                                    814-262-9665

    The Learning Lamp                                                                           814-262-0732



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    Updated July 2017