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    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!!

    This is an exciting time for your child!  Your kindergartener is riding a bus and going to school all day!  This is also a time of mixed emotions for parents – pride and joy that your child is ready for school, but trepidation as your “pride and joy” begins this journey.  This first day of kindergarten will mark one of the most important milestones in your child’s life!


    Be assured I will do my best to make this year an enjoyable one for your child, also a time filled with real learning!  Please do not think that your child will be “playing” all day!  The skills we practice in kindergarten are the building blocks for your child’s future success in school and in life!

    I know that the first week of school can be overwhelming, especially if you have more than one child in school!  May I suggest you keep this information in a safe place in your home with this letter and any correspondence from the school district or other classroom teachers?  It can be a great reference tool for questions you may have throughout the year!  This information will be posted on my website as well.


    Daily Schedule - Student arrival begins at 8:15 am. Attendance is taken at 8:50 with the day beginning afterward.  We have 180 minutes of language arts, 60 minutes of mathematics, and 30 minutes of science/social studies/art.  There is a 15-minute recess period after lunch and 15 minutes of centers after science.  Special area classes are from 1:45-2:25. We take 5-6 restrooms breaks as well.



    Please send a note to school for the following reasons:

    • An injury or illness that requires your child to miss recess or gym
    • An early dismissal
    • Your child has been absent
    • Any questions you may have for me! 😊

    A daily newsletter will be sent home describing the day’s activities and a look ahead. Please be sure to check this daily.

    I will check my email several times throughout the day – hmanges@fhrangers.org. Please be sure to use your child’s name in the subject line.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Urgent messages should not be emailed. Please call the main office to leave a message.

    Please consider signing up for REMIND notifications through the REMIND app.  Please see the specific instructions or text @7fh624c to the number 81010.

    I am most able to talk to you without interruption from 8:15-8:40, 1:45-2:25, and 3:30-3:45.



    On the first day of school, your child will be provided with the following:

    • crayon box
    • crayons
    • scissors
    • pencils
    • glue stick
    • folders

    Please do not send any other additional supplies, as your child will not be permitted to use them. The class will have ample opportunities to use highlighters, markers, colored pencils, fancy pencils and crazy crayons!  😊

    Only the blue folder which the school has provided should be used. This is the only folder that will be checked.

    Supply Donations

    Kindergarten is a messy and fun place, so consequently we go through loads of the following items.  If you would be able or willing to donate any, we would be very GRATEFUL!!!:

    • Tissues
    • Paper towels
    • Disinfecting wipes
    • Paper plates

    Change of clothing – Please send in an extra set of clothing in a plastic bag to be kept in school for the entire year. Often clothes can become messy due to a spill, mud from the playground, or a bathroom accident.  I suggest an all-season outfit, not shorts.  Please be sure to include socks and underwear.

    School attendance – Regular school attendance is crucial! Many of our activities are group-oriented and are impossible to makeup.

    • Absences – When your child is absent from school, please provide a doctor’s excuse OR a note from you. Excuse forms are included in this folder. 
    • Tardy – Students are marked tardy if they arrive between 8:50-9:20. After 9:20, it is considered a ½ day absence.  An excuse should be provided, if possible a doctor’s excuse.

    Medications – All medications must be administered through the nurse’s office and accompanied by the proper paperwork.


    Please be sure to dress your child with his or her blue bus tag for the first two weeks of school!!!!! This is used to ensure that your child is helped to the correct classroom and to the correct bus at the end of the school day.

    Kindergarteners are to report directly to their classrooms, unless they are to eat breakfast in the cafeteria.

    Older siblings and friends should not help the kindergarteners to the rooms. This can be upsetting when the older friends have to leave.



    Students must stay in school until 2:55 in order to be counted for a full day.

    Older siblings and friends should not come to the classrooms to help the children to the busses. The kindergarten classes are dismissed to the busses a few minutes before the rest of the student body for the first few weeks.  Each classroom has assigned bus helpers who assist the kindergarteners to their correct busses.

    The busses may be late for the first few days. Your patience is appreciated!  😊


    Please make arrangements for emergency early dismissals. Such events have occurred in the fall.


    Kindergarteners are to report directly to cafeteria if they are to eat breakfast in school.

    Please remind your child NOT to report to the classroom, as he or she may miss breakfast service.


    There are helpers to assist your child in the cafeteria, so please remind them to ask.

    Any task which can be completed independently will give your child more time to eat.

    Remind your students that the time for lunch is limited. That 30 minutes FLIES when you are having fun!! 😊

    Please try to give your child practice in completing some skills which may be new to them:

    • Opening bags (pinch-pinch-pull)
    • Opening milk cartons
    • Cutting foods, such as Salisbury steak and pork chops
    • GO-GURT and juice pouches!!!!


    We will have snack in the classroom at 3:00 every day.

    Each child is responsible for bringing his own snack to school each day. Please label your child’s snack, or explain what he is to eat.  Snacks are kept in the child’s bookbag.

    Snack milk is available and can be paid for in full or half-year increments. Money for this is separate from your child’s lunch account.  Only white milk is provided.

    Curriculum – The kindergarten curriculum has become increasing more rigid.

    Language Arts – We currently use the Journeys by Harcourt language arts series.  This year, we will enhance our language arts curriculum by using the ECRI program.

    • The students are responsible for 50 sight words.
    • They will blend short vowel words – cat, bug, fin.
    • They will learn various decoding and comprehension skills and strategies
    • They will engage in creative writing.

    Math – We currently use the Go Math by Harcourt mathematics series.

    • The students are responsible for recognizing numerals to 30
    • They will count to 100.
    • Addition and subtraction to 10 is covered.
    • They will learn problem solving skills
    • Geometry basics are taught.

    Special Area Classes

    Kindergarten goes to special area classes from 1:45-2:25 daily.

    Our schedule is:

    • Day 1 – Library – Library books should be returned to school by the next scheduled library day. Books returned before the scheduled day will be kept in a bin in the classroom.
    • Day 2 – Music with Mr. Kearney
    • Day 3 – Gym with Mrs. Kerr
    • Day 4 – STEAM with Mr. Shilcosky ( Q 1&3)
      • Art with Mr. Burda (Q 2&4)

    Behavior Management – I will maintain the “Hot Diggity Dog!” behavior program. I will alert you if there have been any problems in school.

    Classroom Parties

    We will have classroom parties on the following holidays:

    • Halloween
    • Christmas
    • Valentine’s Day
    • Easter

    If you are able to donate treats or your time and creativity, please sign one of the sheets in the back of the classroom.

    Birthdays – When your child is the “Birthday Kid,” he or she will receive a crown, treats and recognition on the FH closed-circuit TV channel! Summer birthdays are celebrated in May.  Please do not send in edible treats to share with the classroom. You may provide non-edible treats, such as stickers or pencils.

    Money – There are various reasons throughout the school year for children to bring money to school – lunch accounts, fundraisers, book fairs. Please send all money in a sealed envelope or baggie with your child’s full name and class and the purpose for the funds.  Loose cash and checks can be lost.

    Book orders – Each month I will send Scholastic Reading Club orders home. They have a wonderful selection of high-quality, inexpensive children’s literature and learning tools.  Orders may be submitted online or by form.

    Progress Reports & Report Cards – The kindergarten classes follow a different schedule than the rest of the elementary school in this regard:

    • Progress Reports – You will receive a stapled packet of tests and assessments with a quick snapshot of your child’s work habits and behaviors approximately each month beginning in October. The entire packet should be reviewed, signed, and returned to school on the next school day.
    • Report Cards – Kindergarten report cards are distributed in November, March, and May. The envelope is to be signed and returned but the report card is yours to keep.

    Toys from Home – As a general rule, your child is not to bring any toys or electronics to school. Your child will have an opportunity for “Show & Tell” when he is the Star of the Week.

    Star of the Week – Each child will have a chance to be the Star of the Week. He or she is invited to share photos, a favorite book and an item for “Show & Tell.”.  The Star is the special helper for the week.

    Homework – Your child will be receiving a “Homework Folder” and school supplies. Folders will be sent home on Monday and are due on Friday.  The children receive prizes for completed homework.



    I am truly excited to be working with you and your child this year!  Let’s make it a great one!

    sun Thank you!