• Computer Lab Rules--Student's will receive a copy of classroom rules & a class syllabus at the beginning of each Semester--This webpage is designed to remind the student of this part of the classroom!
    1. Respect the people, equipment, and furnishings in Room 239 by keeping your work area neat and organized.
    2. Have all approriate materials and supplies at your work area and be seated when you enter the room.
    3. Adjust your voice to the level of activity you are completing.
    4. No Drinks or Food is allowed in the Computer Area.
    5. Electronic devices must be kept in your locker during the school day.  If I hear it, or see it, I will take it!
    6. Observe all rules in the student handbook.  It is your responsibility to read and abide by those rules.
    7. Use the Restroom & get a drink before you enter the room.
    8. Students will enter the room in a quiet and orderly manner.
    9. Students will come to class prepared to work for the entire class period.
    10. No students may be in the room during lunch unattended.
    11. Do not bring personal CD's or flash drives for use in the computer lab.
    12. Do not download sound files to the C:\drive.
    13. All classroom assignments should be saved to your U:\drive in a class folder.
    14. No student may use the Internet without signing an AUP policy.
    15. Students may not print for another class without permission.
    16. Proofread your work before printing.  Do not waste paper.
    17. Do not try to visit unacceptable Internet web sites, or chat rooms.
    18. Students may not modify any settings on the computer.
    19. Students should keep the lab clean.   Don't leave scrap paper, papers, or assignments behind.
    20. Accounting I & II will only use the computers for supplemental assignments.