• Attention Students--Computer Lab will be open from 2:45 until 4:00 Tuesday & Thursday until State Competition
                                     Registration Deadlines:                                 Deadline for all Events--
                                           Membership Dues--State/National--November 8th--Forest Hills--October 25th
                                           Regional Leadership Conference Numbers--One week prior
                                           Registration--State System--
                                     School Site Test Administration--
                                           State Test Window--see PAFBLA.ORG.
    Forest Hills is testing November 18-22--Teams & Individual Tests TBA
                                           Passcodes will be received by the adviser & region adviser
                                           Online Testing Hours--for Forest Hills--Afternoon Sessions--6th Period to 8th Period
                                           Testing should be monitored by a local staff member other than an adviser
                                           Tech. personnel will be available if you have a problem--
                                           Please call me at 814-659-2972 or Forest Hills HS--814-487-7613 for problems
                                           with your passcodes--(or e-mail requests for help)
                                        School Site Tests will be checked--during RLC--School site tests need to be ordered November 8th.
                                        Please check your State e-mails for membership & test ordering instructions.
    RLC is at St. Francis December 6th--Registration--9:00 a.m.--
    Please make sure you bring equipment if you have a student in the new Region Events that require
    No Equipment is Available from the Region--Please read the guidelines--Students are to set up their own equipment--
    This is part of the Rubric Evaluation.
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