• Other important notes:


    1. Please read all handouts sent home the first week of school.  Many contain important information that needs to be completed and returned as soon as possible.
    2. I will send home a weekly schedule the Friday before the upcoming school week.  The schedule will include quiz and test dates and other important information.
    3. Students will be allowed to have a small water bottle at their seats, as long as they do not abuse the privilege.
    4. We eat lunch at 11:20, with recess to follow.  Recess ends at 12:05. 
    5. Please send in a note if you are picking your child up early or taking him or her out for an appointment or if your child was absent.
    6. Do not allow your child to bring in toys or other items that might be a distraction to the class.  If something becomes a problem it will be taken and kept until the end of the school year or until I meet with a parent or guardian.
    7. Students will be allowed to bring in a snack from home to eat before or during dismissal; at approximately 3:00/3:15.  Snacks are optional in third grade.  Please consider healthy snacks.
    8. Extra credit (5% of total points) will be offered each marking period.  More information to follow.
    9. Read, read, read to (and with) your child!  It’s the best investment of your time spent with your son or daughter.