Classroom Policies


    1.    Our classroom rules are as follows:

    a.    Have a good positive attitude (No I cant’s, pouting, or frowning allowed!)

    b.    Respect everyone and everything in our classroom and school

    c.    Raise your hand when you want to speak, be quiet when others are talking and in the halls

    d.    Speak kindly and quietly

    e.    All other school rules apply in our classroom (found in the Forest Hills School District handbook)

    *** If a student does not follow these rules he or she will lose Do Good Dollars, fun time, or be asked to reflect in writing why they acted as they did; which will be sent home for a family member to sign and return.  If a student routinely fails to follow these rules, parents or guardians will be notified by a phone call and the behavior will be documented.  If the behavior continues, principals will be involved.


    2.    Do Good Dollars:

    a.    Do Good Dollars are play money that your child can earn over each marking period by doing awesome things!  Some examples include: being the mystery student of the day, good behavior, outstanding work, or kind actions.  See the “Do Good Dollar” handout that your child received for more information.  Just as students are rewarded with Do Good Dollars, they may also lose them by inappropriate behavior.

    b.    I have a student store with school supplies, toys, and small prizes that students can purchase with their earned Do Good Dollars.  They are responsible for keeping their dollars in a safe place with their name on them.  This works as a great positive behavior incentive for the kiddos! 

    c.    It is very much appreciated if families are able to, to donate a Do Good Dollar store item (valued at $1-$3).  If you're unable to, no worries!