• Homework Policy 


              All students are expected to complete their homework and turn it in the morning of the due date (usually the next day).  Each child is responsible for writing his/her homework in his/her planner before dismissal.  To ensure that all children write down their homework, I “star” each child’s planner before they are allowed to pack up.  This is my way of communicating with home (other than notes).  If you have a comment or short question for me feel free to jot it down in their planner.  Please show your support by signing your child’s planner each night.  Third grade content becomes increasingly challenging and extra practice is often necessary.  The students also have a Take Home Folder in which all-important papers and homework should come home in.  There is a “keep at home” and “bring back” side.  Homework and important papers that need attention should be place on the “bring back” side.


              If turning in homework late or not at all becomes a habit, I will check in at home to discuss why.  Students will be sent to our LGI room during recess to complete homework if it was not turned in the morning it was due.  If your child’s homework is confusing or you are unsure of what is assigned please feel free to write a note, call, or email me.  I’m here to help!  Thank you in advance for your support!