Students will need to complete a “Transcript Request Form” in the guidance office. The transcript will be given to the student in an official sealed envelope. If the seal on the envelope is broken the transcript becomes unofficial. Requests for transcripts should be made one week prior to the date needed.

    Letters of Recommendation 
    Students should ask a faculty member that knows them well, has taught them a core subject or a subject related to their college major. The student must give the faculty member a stamped addressed envelope and a completed “Faculty Letter of Recommendation Form” which is available in the guidance office. The faculty member will then forward your letter of recommendation.  Please give a two week notice to the person completing the letter.

    Penn State

    If you are even considering applying to Penn State, list their code when you register for the SAT or ACT. Penn State will only accept score reports sent directly from the test centers.   SAT Code:  2660  ACT Code:  3656

    Prospective Student-Athletes (NCAA Eligibility Center)    
                                                                                                      If you plan on competing in athletics at an NCAA Division I or Division II institution in the future you must register at the following website: https://web1.ncaa.org/eligibilitycenter/common/index.html. Register during the spring of your junior year. NCAA will only accept score reports sent directly from the test centers. Please use the NCAA code of 9999 when you register for the ACT/SAT.

    ACT/SAT FEE Waivers
    If receiving free/reduced lunch, your child is eligible to have 2 SAT fees waived and 2 ACT fees waived. Waiver forms are available in the guidance office.        
    College Application Fee Waivers 
    Available for some colleges to students who used the SAT fee waiver.
    College Application Fees Waived          
    Some colleges will waive the application fee if registering online or attending the college open house.

    Scholarship Scam Warning Signs

    · You have to pay a fee

    · Money-back offers or guarantees

    · Credit card or bank account information required

    · Provides “exclusive” information

    Education and Career Planning
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