• Physical Forms and Instructions
    Regarding Athletic Participation @ FOREST HILLS 
    Any students who wish to join a Forest Hills School District PIAA athletic team (and/or Hockey) for the 2018-2019 school year must obtain and complete the PIAA CIPPE form (link below).
    2.  WINTER 2019-20 Re-certification Instructions - Not needed until November of 2019
    Complete and submit if you've participated in a FALL 2019 sport.
    Sections 1-6 needed for FALL 2019 sports
    4.  PIAA Section 7 Re-Certification Form - Not needed until November of 2019
    SECTION 7 must be completed and submitted to the Nurse prior to the 1st day of practice.
    Example: Your son/daughter participated in a FALL 2019 sport and plans on participating in a WINTER sport.   
    5. PIAA Section 8 Physicians Release Form
    Section 8
    SECTION 8 must be completed by the attending physician before your son/daughter can resume participation in a sport.  Must be pronounced physically fit by a licensed physician of medicine, or osteopathic medicine.
    Example A:
    Your son/daughter has a completed CIPPE form and sustains an ankle injury which requires medical attention resulting in the loss of participation from a sport.
    Example B:
    Your son/daughter has a completed CIPPE form and develops pneumonia resulting in the loss of participation from a sport.
    6. ImPACT Instructions & Permission Form     
    ImPACT is a concussion management system for student-athletes participating in contact sports.  
    The test is suggested for participation in the following sports/clubs: Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Competitive Spirit, & Cheerleading.