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    FALL Sports Physicals will be offered at the Field House on
    Friday, June 14th.
    Click Here for details.

    The 1st official practice date for Fall 2019 sports is
    Monday, August 12th.
    These are mandatory practices, which are required for participation in PIAA sports.

    2019 Fall sports schedules will be posted when they become official.

    Junior High Football Information
    Thursday, August 8th is our equipment distribution date.
    Only those players who have submitted
    a completed PIAA CIPPE Form to the nurse by this date
    will receive school-issued items.
    Your child will not receive equipment prior to this date,
    regardless of your summer conflicts.
    Students who are unable to attend equipment distribution on August 8th will be issued equipment on the 1st official practice date (August 12th).
    Please contact your sport-specific coach for information
    regarding summer functions and pre-season workouts:

    Spring 2019  
    Erica Lybarger All-Conference 19   Jake Shope All-Conference 19

     Mitch Chunta All-Conference 19   Ryan Latshaw
     Josi Wehner   Alyssa Caddy

     Winter Honors 18-19
    D5-6 Regional Champs 19

                              Carly Stigers

    Josh Schrock  
    Erik Gibson

     FALL Honors 2018



    Ericka Frombach   Kara Jarvie

    Josh Schrock   Jeremy Weis

    Katie Beyer   Mitch Chunta

    Elisabeth Zajdel   Macie Poborski

    Kylie Wadsworth

    Aidan Balasco    Jason Wissinger
    Adam Cecere    Forrest Wolfhope

     Office hours are 8:30am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday.
    Sports schedules and Physical forms are available for download on our website and also in the Junior High & Senior High Offices.