• Welcome To The High School Art Room!
     The ART ROOM will be open on Thursday, April 2 from 12 noon - 2:00 for you to pick up supplies and any projects. 
    Please come to the Emergency doors at the top of the ramp near my room. I will let students in one at a time to get what they need. 
    Or contact me and I can meet you at a lunch drop off location to give you the supplies you need. 
    Carol A. Cecere 
    High School Art Teacher
    Phone/Ext:  (814) 487-7613 ext. 6105
    Happy Spring! 
    We are starting a new way to experience the Art Room from your own home!
    I am going to start by posting some Enrichment Activities on my webpage, the FH Fine Arts Twitter Page and on the district's Fine Arts webpage!
    I will then post a lesson one day a week for each class that I have. 
    The schedule will be as follows: 

    Monday - Art I - Google Code : vmobarf


    Tuesday - 8th Grade Art - 8th Grade Art - Code: zmdpwla


    Wednesday - Art II & Portfolio Class  :  

         Art II - Google code: ywlq7ob
         Portfolio - Portfolio Class - Code: e55v3as

    Thursday - Ceramics I & II:

         Ceramics I - Code: qplecp6
         Ceramics 2 - Code: ebzateg

    Friday - Painting Techniques - Code: j4ieh52

    I will try to make this fun, exciting and I would like you to send me your creations as they are completed.  I know so many of you enjoy art and this is a great time for us to really JUST ENJOY ART without worrying about schedules, grades.   I want this time we discuss and possibly create art to be a pleasant part of your day...as ART should be. 
    Please feel free to contact me via my phone or my email. 

    Please click on this link to visit my new Google  website: mrs-ceceres-classes