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Welcome to Mr. Kearney's Band Room
Mr. Kearney  
Mr. Jake Kearney
Elementary Band, Grades 4-6
Music, Grades PreK-3 
(814) 487-7613 ext. 2652
Pentatonix is an a cappella group (a group that only uses their voices to make music and does not use instruments) that covers songs of other artists and also writes some of their own music.
John Williams
John Williams  
Music Artist of the Month 
The Beatles 
*5th and 6th grade band students who submit information to Mr. Kearney about the composer/music artist of the month can earn anywhere from 1 to 5 points for their team depending on how detailed the information is.  Information can include anything from career information, biography information, songs that were written, or any other information students can find.  The first student to bring in information worth 5 points for the Composer of the Month will get to choose next month's Music Artist of the Month.  The first student to bring in information worth 5 points for the Music Artist of the Month will get to choose next month's Composer of the Month.
Congratulations to the 4th grade Students of the Month for October!
 Makenna Konchan
160 minutes of practice
Mackenzie Powell
185 minutes of practice
David Gates
77 minutes of practice 
6th grade band students: 
Day 1, 1:00 lessons are cancelled for the rest of the school year.  Extra lessons will be available for students Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during recess/study hall between 12:30-1:00  Remember, you can only come to an extra lesson if you had a lesson earlier that day at 10:30.  
5th grade band students:
If you are interested in extra lessons with Mr. Kearney during the school day, you can come to these lessons on Day 2 between 11:10-11:50 during your recess.  Remember, you can only come on certain days!  Look at the music calendar (days for lessons are blue) in the menu on the left or the chalkboard in the band room to see when you may come in for a lesson.
All band students and parents: 
If you ever forget what Day of the rotation it is for specials, please look at the lunch calendar sent home or click here.